Come Home Smelly
Album Title: Come Home Smelly
Artists: F.Y.P.
Released: 2000-02-14
Format: MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps
Genre: Alternative,Music,Rock,Adult Alternative,Indie Rock
Price: Free
ORIGIN: Torrance, CA
BORN: 1988
Catalog Number: 77415 95846

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Come Home Smelly.mp3, West Psalm Beach.mp3, Shirts & Skins.mp3, God Don't Give 2 S***s About Me.mp3, Pure Hate.mp3, Knee High.mp3, Pink Slipped.mp3, Primetime.mp3,

About F.Y.P.

A fun, humorous, and vital punk rock band from Torrance, CA (a suburb of L.A.), F.Y.P (aka Five Year Plan) was the brainchild of Todd Congelliere, who wrote most of the songs and was the only constant member throughout the band's constantly rotating cast. F.Y.P released a couple of classics in Dance My Dunce and Toilet Kids Bread, though all their records are worthwhile. As far as impassioned, dysfunctional, militantly geek punk rock, Congelliere struck a chord with punks in the know. His buddy Hal Badal and he were also able to eke out a living from their tiny but esteemed punk rock label Recess Records, which is responsible for releases from exceptional punk bands like the Dwarves, the Criminals, and the Crumbs, as well as all of F.Y.P's releases. A scraggly looking punker sporting Greyhound-bus-depot-style fashions, Congelliere has written his fair share of memorable, brilliant punk tunes. Before he was a punk, Congelliere was a pro skater and first got into punk rock via his skater pals. With a skating company endorsement, Congelliere made some dough and bought himself a four-track, a guitar, and Fisher Price drum machine from Toys R Us. Hence came F.Y.P's first primitive recordings in the early '90s, which are most notable for their silly titles, My Nieghbors Is Stoopid, Finish Your Popcorn, and Guido, Where Are You? Eventually, Congelliere scraped a band together and released F.Y.P's hallowed second album, Dance My Dunce, in 1994. (Their first was Incomplete Crap, a collection of their early 7"s.) Dance My Dunce includes classics like "Vacation Bible School" and their cover of the Toy Dolls' "My Girlfriend's Dad's a Vicar," as well as the feisty "It's Not My Fault You Like Air Supply," and "Kids That Play Dead," an ode to mean parents. Sean Cole joined the band as drummer in 1995 and stuck around on various instruments longer than any other F.Y.P member outside of Congelliere. F.Y.P refined and perfected their rants into definitive songs on Toilet Kids Bread, produced by Blag Dahlia of the Dwarves, an album that does not lack for melodies or clever choruses. Between their last two releases, My Man Grumpy and Toys That Kill, F.Y.P bassist and crucial Recess Records family member Joe Ciauri committed suicide by jumping off a 150-foot cliff in San Pedro. Eventually, F.Y.P returned, but the suicide and other factors, such as their fans' requests to play the tunes off Dance My Dunce ad nauseam, led to serious burnout. So, Congelliere and core F.Y.P member Sean Cole decided to borrow the name from their last album (like their heroes the Descendents, who became All) and gave birth to Toys That Kill in 2000, a band that sounds, well, not so different from F.Y.P. ~ Adam Bregman

Come Home Smelly


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    2:00 Come Home Smelly.mp3
    1:39 West Psalm Beach.mp3
    2:03 Shirts %26 Skins.mp3
    3:16 God Don't Give 2 S***s About Me.mp3
    1:56 Pure Hate.mp3
    2:33 Knee High.mp3
    1:51 Pink Slipped.mp3
    1:47 Primetime.mp3
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